Emma Lenart



Occupational Therapist & Office Administrative Assistant

Years at CPT:

Less than 1 year

Favorite thing about CPT:

My favorite thing about CPT is how client-centered we are. Everything we do, from office administration to individual therapy sessions, is about helping children succeed. The staff’s collaborative and fun nature creates an environment that everyone wants to be a part of.

Favorite intervention area:

As a new grad, I am still exploring various intervention areas, but I really enjoy working on IADLs (instrumental activities of daily living) that are meaningful to children. These include cooking/baking, household tasks, shopping, and more! There is no better feeling than seeing the look on these children’s faces when they make something or accomplish a task independently.

Why occupational therapy?

Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to work with children, but I wasn’t sure in what capacity. I come from a family of medical professionals and thought medical school was the answer, but then I shadowed at CPT early in my undergraduate career and fell in love with pediatric occupational therapy. Helping children reach their full potential through their favorite occupations is so fulfilling!

Outside of CPT:

I have an extremely supportive husband and two cats at home. In my free time, I love traveling with my husband and family, reading, exercising, cross stitching, and watching movies.

What I wish more people knew about occupational therapy:

Occupational therapists help people do the things that they want and need to do. Occupational therapy is an ever-evolving practice that collaborates with families and children to create goals that are meaningful to them.