Answers to frequently asked questions related to services at Center for Pediatric Therapy.

We are located on 4900 Shamrock Drive, Suite 100-102 which is right off of South Green River Road. Our red brick building is located behind Sam’s Eatery.

We are in-network providers for many major insurance companies including IN Medicaid. If you have questions about specific plans and coverage, call your insurance provider or our office at 812-479-7337. Coverage and benefits are subject to the terms and conditions of your health insurance plan.

Call your doctor and request an occupational/physical/speech therapy referral be faxed to 812-550-1990. From there, our office staff will reach out to you to fill out intake paperwork prior to scheduling the initial appointment. If you have further questions, please call our office at 812-479-7337.

Feel free to give our office a call at 812-479-7337 to check the status of the referral. Depending on the therapy type, there could be a waitlist for scheduling services. Our office staff will do their best to provide you with updated information regarding next steps.

Each health insurance plan is different and therefore the cost per session depends on your specific coverage, eligibility, and benefits. Our office staff will check your eligibility and benefits prior to your first appointment and will go over the information when you check in for the initial appointment. If you would like the information prior to your first appointment, give the office a call at 812-479-7337. We recommend all patients and families reach out to their health plan to verify benefits as well.  

We look forward to getting to know you! Please check our employment tab to see what our positions we have available and to upload your resume. We will be in contact with as soon as we are able.

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Center for Pediatric Therapy is a provider of Indiana First Steps Early Intervention System for occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, developmental therapy, social work, and nutrition services. For more information about receiving these services click the button below or call 812-402-4482.

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A comprehensive sensory-based facility dedicated to providing the very best professional services for your child.