Kaitlyn Marchino



Speech Therapist

Years at CPT:

I am new to CPT! I just started working at CPT a couple of weeks ago.

Favorite thing about CPT:

Everyone has been so kind and helpful at CPT! I can tell there is a team mentality, and everyone is so supportive of one another. I also love working with kiddos, so I have enjoyed being able to meet so many of the awesome kids that come to CPT each day.

Favorite intervention area:

I enjoy working on articulation, language, and AAC the most! I love being able to watch kiddos light up when others are able to understand their speech better. I also enjoy being able to give kiddos a way to communicate their wants/needs through various forms of AAC.

Why speech therapy?

My dad is a physical therapist and I observed a speech therapist at his place of work several years ago. I knew that I enjoyed working with kids and I liked the small group/individual therapy model, as opposed to teaching in a large classroom. I decided to major in speech-language pathology in college, and the rest is history!

Outside of CPT:

I am engaged and will be getting married soon in September! I love to travel, catch up with friends, be outside, drink iced coffee, and go to Disney.

What I wish more people knew about speech therapy:

I wish more people knew speech-language pathology encompasses so much more than just working on /s/ and /r/ with kiddos. We also work on feeding/swallowing, AAC, fluency, reading, writing, cognition, etc.