Laci Beasley



Developmental Therapist

Years at CPT:


Favorite thing about CPT:

I love how close and caring everyone is! It truly is a family at CPT.

Favorite intervention area:

I enjoy working on social-emotional skills because I want to help children learn how to communicate their emotions in a healthy way and know that emotions are a part of life that everyone deals with. The way we communicate with others is essential and I love helping children form those communication skills.

Why developmental therapy?

I really love working on play skills and helping kiddos meet their developmental milestones!

Outside of CPT:

I am currently engaged and I’ll be getting married in October. I have two dogs, Bella, and Remi. They are the sweetest babies! I like reading, watching movies, and hanging out with my family in my spare time. I love random and spontaneous adventures too!

What I wish more people knew about developmental therapy:

We incorporate so many skills into play that many people don’t realize. It may look like we just play, but we are teaching life-long skills!