Nicole Plutino



Occupational Therapist

Years at CPT:


Favorite thing about CPT:

My favorite thing about CPT is my ability to make a difference in the lives of so many children and being able to celebrate meeting milestones with the families I serve.

Favorite intervention area:

My favorite area of practice is sensory integration. I love problem solving and navigating the individual sensory processing system of each kiddo I see and helping regulate their sensory processing to promote function in a variety of other performance areas such as dressing, feeding, and fine motor skills.

Why occupational therapy?

I chose to become an occupational therapist because it is the perfect intersection of creativity, problem solving, and medical science. I enjoy helping others improve their function without the constraints of protocols and occupational therapy allows me to use my clinical reasoning and creativity together to do just that!

Outside of CPT:

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling with my husband and exploring different parts of the United States. We also enjoy spoiling our cat, Duma. I volunteer as a cheer and dance coach for Spirit of Southern Indiana, a local non-profit organization that provides opportunities to participate on a cheer squad or dance team for children with disabilities. I also work as an adjunct professor in University of Southern Indiana’s Occupational Therapy Assistant program.

What I wish more people knew about occupational therapy:

I wish people knew the diverse areas of function that occupational therapy could help their kiddos succeed in from play to dressing to feeding and school-readiness. Occupational therapy does it all and not just sensory integration alone!