Carrie Poag



Occupational Therapist

Years at CPT:


Favorite thing about CPT:

I love the comprehensive approach we take at CPT. Whether you have 1 year or 30 years of experience, we work as a team to find the best way for a child to succeed. We realize that pediatrics is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and work to create successful treatments for each specific child.

Our open gym setting allows us to work in an environment that is not intimidating and encourages social skills among the children.

Favorite intervention area:

I really like to geek out on sensory integration. It’s like solving a mystery to find the “just right” approach for a child to succeed. I also have extensive background with the neuro population and with orthopedic abnormalities.

Why occupational therapy?

I have always wanted to work with children. OT allows me to develop one-on-one relationships with children and their families to help them achieve meaningful goals in their everyday life. Sometimes, the little achievements are HUGE!

Outside of CPT:

I have been married to my husband Brandon for 11 years and we have twin 5-year-old boys. In our free time, you will find us doing nearly everything outdoors or traveling.

What I wish more people knew about occupational therapy:

Occupational therapy is meant to treat the whole person, in achieving tasks that are important to THEM! We aren’t always looking at numbers and statistics but working on what is meaningful to the child and the family.