Courtney Weedman



Speech Therapist

Years at CPT:

I just started in June, but I have been completing my clinicals at CPT since February.

Favorite thing about CPT:

The welcoming atmosphere and the passion that each therapist has for their children!

Favorite intervention area:

I enjoy working with children on their articulation. They get to watch their progress by seeing how their sounds change, and I love when they work so hard to pronounce the words and then it finally clicks! I enjoy every part of speech therapy and it makes it even better when you get to do it alongside amazing children!

Why speech therapy?

I chose this discipline because I love working with all ages and I love helping people. SLPs can work with any age group, and I figured I would never get tired of doing what I do because there are so many opportunities that come with being a speech therapist.

Outside of CPT:

I’m from Owensboro, KY. I have one older sister and a younger brother. I also have a nephew who is the light of my life, Asher. We have a Boston terrier named Boss Hogg and a gray cat named Ember. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends and family, fishing, traveling, watching my brother play college football, and being outdoors. My favorite vacation spot is Orange Beach, Alabama.

What I wish more people knew about speech therapy:

We don’t just treat “speech” disorders. We treat multiple aspects such as cognition, articulation, receptive and expressive language, swallowing, voice, fluency, and comprehension