Rachel Moesner



Occupational Therapist

Years at CPT:


Favorite thing about CPT:

I love how all of the therapy disciplines work together to create a team specific to the child’s individual needs!

Favorite intervention area:

My favorite area of practice is to help children build the skills they need to be successful in school. That can look so different depending on the individual child, ranging from being able to focus in the classroom, listening and following directions, all the way to fine motor control for handwriting and cutting skills needed for their various activities.

Why occupational therapy?

Occupational therapists are trained to help people in all stages of life! I love the idea of assisting to problem solve and strategize solutions to help an individual meet their goals to enjoy life!

Outside of CPT:

Outside of work my family keeps me busy! My husband and I have 3 sons that enjoy participating in various sports and activities! We also love to spend time hiking, camping, and helping on the family farm.

What I wish more people knew about occupational therapy:

I wish people knew that we are trained in so many different areas to assist people with what is important to them!